Customer Testimonials

LaVern Wayte, Dickey Lake

Since we spoke last October, and confirmed the generator sale, it was a pleasure Wednesday to meet you and put a face to the man that makes dealing with local small business a true pleasure. The service you have provided to me, you just don't see it very often these days. I would say that you have taken the Princess Auto Policy (NO SALE IS FINAL UNTIL THE CUSTOMER IS SATISFIED) one step further (in your own business) to insure the customer has the right product for his or her needs. Your out of the way service is just too great to go unmentioned. It has been a great pleasure dealing with you and I have already put your name out to people on our lake and will continue to do so.

-LaVern Wayte, Dickey Lake

Gary Cook

We received the generator on Friday, everything looks great, thank you for your kind attention, it was a pleasure dealing with you and the people you work with. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking for your type of services.

-Gary Cook

Steve, thank you for taking the time to meet with my son Andrew and I last Saturday.

As I mentioned, we are very pleased with our purchase from Generator Solutions of an EcoGen Generator and look forward to many years of service from it. I also particularly appreciate the time you took to discuss our generator requirements and to find what we believe to be an ideal solution to these. Your company's expertise in this area, the range of inventory carried and your focus on the customer's requirements will undoubtedly make you a "go to" destination for generators, parts and service.

-Bruce Clark